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Which statement best describes how igneous rocks form?
a) Lava comes out of a volcano and cools slowly
b) Lava comes out of a volcano and cools quickly
c) Magma comes out of a volcano and cools quickly

Which statement best describes how metamorphic rocks form?
a) Rocks are heated up a lot and melted to form metamorphic rocks
b) Rocks are heated up but do not melt to form metamorphic rocks
c) Lava comes out of a volcano and cools to form metamorphic rocks

A rock that is melted always become a metamorphic rock
a) True
b) False; it becomes an igneous rock
c) False; it becomes magma or lava before becoming a rock

An igneous rock can become a metamorphic rock through erosion
a) True
b) False; it needs to have heat and pressure to become a metamorphic rock
c) False; it needs to be melted to become a metamorphic rock

If a rock has many pieces of seashells and sand, what can infer (tell) about the rock?
a) The small piece mean that the magma forming an igneous rock
b) The small pieces are pressed together forming a metamorphic rock
c) The small pieces are cemented together forming a sedimentary rock

When heat transforms a rock type into another rock type, what rock type is formed?
a) Diamonds
b) Metamorphic
c) Sedimentary
d) Igneous

Which type of rock forms from molten rock that cools under Earth’s surface?
a) Intrusive igneous rock
b) Extrusive igneous rock
c) Metamorphic
d) Sedimentary

Rocks are formed in all of these places EXCEPT
a) Inside the Earth
b) At Earth's surface
c) At the bottom of lakes
d) In the Earth's atmosphere

Which is a property of a mineral?
a) Forms in nature and is solid
b) Has a definite chemical makeup
c) Has a crystal structure
d) All of the above

A mineral is made up of one or more
a) Elements
b) Rocks
c) Ores
d) Compounds

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