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A famous poet who wrote some of the earliest Greek writings
a) Homer
b) Aesop
c) Sappho
d) Pericles

A high hill that often had a fortress on its top
a) hilltop
b) polis
c) acropolis
d) marketplace

A body of stories about Gods and heroes that try to explain how the world works
a) folk stories
b) fables
c) legends
d) mythology

People who had the right to participate in government
a) aristocrats
b) citizens
c) nobles
d) artisans

He was a brilliant elected leader who led Athens government from 460BC until 429BC
a) Homer
b) Aesop
c) Pericles
d) Sappho

These are short stories that teach lessons about life or give advice on how to live
a) folk stories
b) fables
c) myths
d) legends

These people were rich landowners
a) peasants
b) slaves
c) aristrocrats
d) artisians

An age marked by great achievements
a) the dark age
b) helinistic period
c) the enlightment period
d) the classical age

A leader who uses force to hold power is known as ************
a) an aristocrat
b) an oracle
c) a citizen
d) a tyrant

He was a famous Greek author known for his stories that taught important life lessons
a) Pericles
b) Aesop
c) Homer
d) Sappho

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