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The long tube in the ground that connects the magma chamber to Earth's surface is called the
a) vent
b) side vent
c) pipe
d) crater

What provides the force that causes magma to erupt to the surface?
a) the silica in the magma
b) dissolve gases trapped in the magma
c) gravity in the lithosphere
d) the density of the magma

If a volcano's magma is high in silica, the volcano will probably
a) erupt quietly
b) remain dormant
c) erupt explosively
d) produce dark-colored lava

Which of the following volcano hazards is made up of rocky particles about the size of a grain of sand?
a) volcanic bombs
b) pahoehoe
c) volcanic cinders
d) volcanic ash

The main hazard from a quiet volcanic eruption is
a) volcanic gases
b) lava flows
c) geysers
d) pyroclastic flows

Which type of rock would you expect to form as a result of an explosive eruption?
a) pahoehoe
b) granite
c) pumice
d) aa

What triggers the small earthquakes that occur around a volcanic eruption?
a) upward movement of magma
b) pyroclastic flow
c) cooling magma inside the crust
d) plate movements

A volcano that may erupt again at some time in the distant future is
a) active
b) dormant
c) explosive
d) extinct

If geologists detect many small earthquakes in the area near a volcano, what can they infer?
a) It is dormant
b) It is probably about to erupt
c) It is extinct
d) It is a good source of geothermal energy

An eruption of ash, cinders, bombs and gases from a volcano is called
a) pyroclastic flow
b) a quiet eruption
c) pahoehoe
d) aa

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