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1. A student can ride his bicycle at an average speed of 6 mph. If he cycles for 4 hours, how far can he travel?
a) 30 miles
b) 2 miles
c) 1.5 miles
d) 24 miles

Adam and Joe leave home at the same time. Adam travels 60 miles at a constant speed of 48 mph. Joe travels 70 miles at a constant speed of 40 mph. How long did it take Adam?
a) 1.25 hours
b) 1.75 hours
c) 1.5 hours
d) 1.45 hours

An ice skater increases her speed from 1.2 m/s to 6.7 m/s in 14 seconds. What is the acceleration of the ice skater?
a) 0.48 m/s2
b) 0.39 m/s2
c) 0.09 m/s2
d) 0.56 m/s2

A 747 airplane increases its flying speed from 565 mi/hr to 625 mi/hr at an acceleration rate of 30 mi/hr2. How many hours did it take the airplane to make this acceleration?
a) 1 hour
b) 3 hours
c) 4 hours
d) 2 hours

A space telescope was released into space. The telescope went from moving at 20 m/s to traveling at a speed of 1900 m/s in 30 seconds. What was the acceleration?
a) 63.3 m/s2
b) 64.0 m/s2
c) 64.3 m/s2
d) 62.7 m/s2

A student drove at a constant speed for 2.5 hours and traveled 95 miles. The student was traveling at a constant speed of –
a) 38 mph
b) 26 mph
c) 23 mph
d) 48 mph

A jet plane travels east for 636 meters in 6 seconds. What is the velocity of the jet plane?
a) 630 m/s east
b) 106 m/s east
c) 18 m/s east
d) 600 m/s east

A student rode in a car for 3 hours and traveled 135 miles. What was the driver’s average speed?
a) 55 mph
b) 40.5 mph
c) 45 mph
d) 35.5 mph

A meteoroid changes speed from 2.0 km/s to 2.5 km/s in 0.06 seconds. What is the acceleration of the meteoroid?
a) 8.3 km/s2
b) 0.03 km/s2
c) 0.15 km/s2
d) 16.7 km/s2

A shuttle bus accelerates 1.6 m/s2 in 5 seconds. The speed of the shuttle bus increased by –
a) 12.8 m/s
b) 3.4 m/s
c) 6.6 m/s
d) 8.0 m/s

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