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What does a seismograph record?
a) the Mercalli scale rating for an earthquake
b) the speed of seismic waves
c) the ground movement caused by seismic waves
d) the location of the epicenter

Geologists cannot yet predict earthquakes because
a) earthquakes are not likely
b) they can't be sure when and where stress will be released along a fault
c) they need to know where all past earthquakes occurred
d) there are too many faults to monitor

Geologists know that wherever plate movement stores energy in the rock along faults,
a) earthquakes are not likely
b) earthquakes are likely
c) an earthquake is occurring
d) an earthquake could never occur

Which of the following can cause damage days or months after a large earthquake?
a) the arrival of surface waves
b) liquefaction
c) a tsunami
d) landslides

If the Coast Guard warns of a giant wave of water approaching the shore as a result of a major earthquake, they are warning of
a) an aftershock
b) liquefaction
c) a tsunami
d) landslides

The best way to protect yourself inan earthquake is to
a) run as fast as you can
b) drop, cover, and hold
c) go into a basement
d) stand under a tree

Most earthquake-related deaths and injuries result from
a) tsunamis
b) damage to buildings and other structures
c) liquefaction
d) P waves

The process in which the violent shaking of an earthquake turns soft soil into liquid mud is called
a) liquefaction
b) tsunamis
c) landlides
d) aftershocks

The earthquake that occurs shortly after a larger earthquake is
a) a tsunami
b) liquefaction
c) an aftershock
d) a landslide

Earthquake damage can be reduced by making buildings more_______ so they twist and bend without breaking.
a) sturdy
b) quiet
c) noisy
d) flexible

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