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A cat jumps when startled by a loud noise. This is an example of an organism
a) sensing and responding to its external environment
b) sensing and responding to its internal environment
c) changing and controlling its external environment
d) changing and controlling its internal environment

In order to survive, all organisms must have
a) chlorophyll
b) carbon dioxide
c) energy
d) blood

Which term describes an organisms ability to maintain a stable internal environment?
a) reproduction
b) extinction
c) locomotion
d) homeostasis

When a human exercises, sweat often forms on the skin. Sweating is an example of the human body’s ability to
a) recycle nutrients
b) respond to the environment
c) obtain water for nourishment
d) make more energy

Although change in multicellular species usually takes thousands of years, some species of bacteria undergo major changes in just a few years. One reason for this difference is tha
a) are microscopic
b) do not contain DNA
c) reproduce very quickly
d) cause infectious diseases

Which group is made up of organisms that are all members of the same kingdom?
a) cat, frog, and mushroom
b) mold, bacteria, and apple tree
c) grass, worm, and shark
d) fern, rose bush, corn plant

Why should the student make sure the edge of the coverslip touches the drop of water before setting the coverslip onto the slide?
a) to increase evaporation
b) to reduce air bubbles
c) to clean the slide
d) to prevent the coverslip from breaking

Which structure is found in a plant cell but not inan animal cell?
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) cytoplasm
d) nucleus

Which part of the scope is used to brind the image of the object on the slide into focus
a) eyepiece
b) coarse adjustment
c) light source
d) stage

The structures found in a living cell can be compared to the parts of a factory that produces cars. Which part of the factory is most similar to the nucleus of a living cell?
a) a conveyor belt that transports materials
b) a storage bin that holds the pieces needed to assemble a car
c) the computer room that controls the assembly
d) the generator that provides energy for the factory

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