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The distance an object travels in a certain period of time is called -
a) speed
b) velocity
c) acceleration
d) deceleration

Speed in a specific direction is called
a) distance
b) length
c) acceleration
d) velocity

All of the following are examples of ACCELERATION except
a) moving in a straight line at a constant speed
b) speeding up
c) slowing down
d) changing direction

A dog is sleeping under a tree when it sees a squirrel run by. The dog runs at 3.5m/s in 15s to chase the squirrel. What was its average rate of acceleration?
a) 4.29m/s/s
b) 18.5m/s/s
c) 0.23m/s/s
d) 52.2m/s/s

The final velocity minus the initial velocity divided by time, is the formula for
a) average speed
b) acceleration
c) constant speed
d) ending velocity

The speed and direction of motion is -
a) acceleration
b) velocity
c) momemtum
d) deceleration

A plane flew 2000 kilometers, from Virginia to California, in five hours. What was the velocity of the plane during the flight?
a) 400km/hr West
b) 400km/hr
c) 10,000km/hr West
d) 10,000km/hr

All of the following are examples of acceleration EXCEPT
a) speeding up
b) slowing down
c) standing still
d) changing directions

Aaron rowed his canoe 60 meters in 15seconds. At what speed was his boat moving?
a) .25m/s
b) 4m/s
c) 25m/s
d) 40m/s

The distance an object travels in some amount of time is called -
a) height
b) meter
c) length
d) speed

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