Surgical Assisting Skills Question Preview (ID: 13367)

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What is the redheads name
a) hilary
b) teresa
c) andrea
d) luis

what is hilary\\\'s name
a) hilary
b) luis
c) andrea
d) teresa

what age am i
a) 18
b) 3
c) 56
d) 9

what is the color of the sky
a) pink
b) blue
c) orange
d) green

who loves hilary
a) nobody
b) jose
c) andrea
d) her ex

how bored are we right now from 1-10?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 8
d) 1000000000000

how many questions do i have left ?
a) 1
b) 42
c) 0
d) 3

how much does hilary love Andrea?
a) not much
b) alot
c) not at all
d) too much to describe

what hurts?
a) my back
b) my eye
c) my heart
d) my phone

who's going to Disney tomorrow ?!
a) hilary
b) not you
c) not you
d) not you

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