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Biotechnology is the application of technology to the study or manipulation of
a) Plants
b) Animals
c) Living things
d) People

How long has mankind been performing biotechnology?
a) 6,000 years
b) 40 years
c) 200 years
d) 2,000 years

What was the key to the emergence of the biotechnology industry in the 1900s?
a) Discovery of cells
b) Crop and animal breeding
c) Genetic engineering
d) A new recombinant DNA technique

Which of the following is an example of forensics?
a) DNA fingerprinting
b) Cloning
c) Bioremediation
d) Medical diagnostics

Pharmaceuticals fall into which category of biotechnology?
a) Diagnostics
b) Bioremediation
c) Agriculture
d) Therapeutics

Decreasing pesticide applications falls into which category of biotechnology?
a) Diagnostics
b) Bioremediation
c) Agriculture
d) Therapeutics

Which of the following is NOT a biotechnology procedure?
a) Production of human insulin
b) Development of technical instruments
c) Fermentation
d) Cultivation of microorganisms

Which of the following is performed by a bioindustry supplier?
a) Specialized software development
b) Perform genetic engineering
c) Treatment of cancer
d) Creating new sources of energy

Which of the following is NOT an example of genetic engineering?
a) Gene isolation
b) Develop transgenes
c) Basic molecular biology
d) Gene modification

Which of the following would be characteristic of an animal rights activist?
a) Animals have feelings
b) Concern about environmental consequences
c) Experts are reliable and impartial
d) Animals have the same rights as humans

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