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a) Causing or likely to cause an argument or controversy
b) Twisted, misshapen
c) Designed to lead astray
d) Mindful of the subject matter

a) Supportive metal wire woven into girdles for added strength
b) The act of willfully assaulting another person's efforts
c) The practice of packing the soil at the bottom of a grave
d) A firm basis or support for an idea or practice

a) The skill, practice, and sport of fighting with the fists
b) An antiquated socioeconomic system characteristic of the European Middle Ages
c) A heavily pessimistic worldview
d) A fanatic obsession with flat-faced toy breeds of dog

a) Skilled in the use of herbal remedies
b) Of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true
c) Foretelling of impending doom
d) Heavily rotted and/or decayed

a) Bearing vaguely equine facial features
b) Devoted to an extreme belief system
c) Energetic but awkward in one's movements or behavior
d) Of antique manufacture (as pertains to firearms)

a) The quality of relation to the truth and/or reality
b) A relationship of striking similarity
c) A style of music composition characterized by a quick tempo and light, airy melodies
d) An agreeable mood

a) Pertaining to skill as a masseuse
b) Characterized by poor aim with projectiles
c) Poorly equipped for excursions
d) Of or characterized by a hatred of women

a) To display excessively masculine behavior
b) To scheme, to plot, or to engage in intrigue
c) To create, maintain, or repair a physical machine
d) To chew

a) Sweet or musical, pleasant to hear
b) Harmful to the touch
c) Exceptionally fragile
d) Of detrimental influence

a) A mythological sea monster
b) An extinct relative of the modern elephant
c) A servile self-seeking flatterer
d) A tarot card which symbolizes organized religion

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