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Being educated gives you the _________ to do become whatever you want to be in life.
a) comfort
b) elements
c) legendary
d) opportunities

I felt ashamed when I couldn\'t ___________ my close cousin at the family reunion.
a) recognize
b) antcipate
c) bore
d) bother

The camp was so cold that we had to _________around the camp fire.
a) sneeze
b) huddle
c) burst
d) sing

As we became closer to Six Flags, I felt as though I would __________ with joy.
a) remember
b) comfort
c) burst
d) huddle

Traveling from Mississippi to New York seemed like the longest ___________ ever!
a) memory
b) danger
c) confusion
d) journey

I had to _____________ my little brother when he fell and scraped his knee.
a) scoff
b) comfort
c) argue
d) scorn

I ________ to do my homework whenever I make it home.
a) mask
b) cradle
c) recommend
d) intend

The cake ___________ of eggs, butter, milk, sugar, and flour.
a) consisted
b) resulted
c) discovered
d) determined

Sometimes I can't __________ all the homework I have to do when I make it home
a) pretend
b) repent
c) rejoice
d) recall

The very ___________ man begin gloating after he won the gold medal.
a) prideful
b) mysterious
c) curious
d) religious

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