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As the viscosity of a liquid increases, the liquid --
a) conducts electricity
b) pours more slowly
c) forms a precipitate
d) evaporates more quickly

Which of these is the most appropriate unit of measure for reporting the density of a solid?
a) g/cm 3
b) g/cm
c) g/L 2
d) g/mm 2

The buoyant force that a fluid exerts on objects is increased when there is an increase in the fluid’s —
a) acidity
b) density
c) solubility
d) clarity

Rust (Fe2O3) forms on an iron (Fe) pipe after prolonged exposure to humid air. What type of change does this illustrate?
a) Mechanical
b) Physical
c) Chemical
d) Physical

Sheets of ice containing mostly pure water can be formed by decreasing the temperature of saltwater. Which of these best describes this change?
a) Atomic change
b) Chemical change
c) Physical change
d) Nuclear change

Students in a chemistry lab measure the time it takes four different 100 mL solutions to pass through a hole in the bottom of a cup. Which of the following properties of the solutions is most likely being measured?
a) Volume
b) Buoyancy
c) Mass
d) Viscosity

A sample of water from a stream has a greater density than a sample of distilled water. Which is the best explanation for the difference in density?
a) Streams have kinetic energy.
b) Streams can contain dissolved salts.
c) Distilled water can contain dissolved gases.
d) Distilled water has a neutral pH.

Which of these are composed of two or more different substances that are chemically combined in a definite ratio?
a) Compounds
b) Solutions
c) Elements
d) Mixtures

Which of these changes in rocks is a physical change?
a) Acid rain damaging marble
b) An ice wedge shattering a slab of shale
c) Carbonic acid weathering limestone
d) Iron in rock combining with oxygen to form hematite

Which of the following processes is an example of a physical change associated with an oak tree?
a) Decomposition of bark by bracket fungi
b) Evaporation of water from the surfaces of leaves
c) Water and carbon dioxide being converted to glucose
d) Starches and sugars being broken down during energy production

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