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Where does "To Build a Fire" take place?
a) at Sulphur Creek
b) at an old mine
c) in the Yukon Territory
d) on a lake

Which pair of words best describes the dog?
a) loud and hyper
b) slow and fearful
c) wild and frightening
d) instinctive and patient

What does the man do after he runs out of matches?
a) He tries to kill the dog.
b) He eats his lunch.
c) He hikes back to camp.
d) He builds another fire.

Which statement is a fact about the story?
a) The dog was the best character in the story.
b) The man tried to hike without a trail mate.
c) The man made poor choices.
d) The dog should have returned to camp.

What is the theme of the story?
a) Never trust an animal.
b) Other people don't always know what's best.
c) Always be prepared.
d) You can make it on your own.

What is the meaning of the word hostile?
a) quick
b) unfriendly
c) hungry
d) playful

What is the meaning of the word instinct?
a) lack of feeling
b) strong fear
c) natural tendency
d) advice

What is the meaning of the word elements?
a) animals
b) fires
c) weather
d) trail

What is a synonym for the work sufficient?
a) too much
b) too bulky
c) heavy
d) enough

Fill in the blank. The dog could tell from the man's _______ that the situation was bad.
a) reaction
b) react
c) reactionary
d) reactive

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