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What was the effect of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a) Settlers moved west
b) Opened up the Santa Fe Trail
c) led to the building of the Erie Canal
d) the California Gold Rush

Territorial Expansion in the United States from 1801-1861 best describes which idea about the United States?
a) Labor Laws
b) Social Reform
c) Equal Rights
d) Manifest Destiny

What territory was added as a result of war with Mexico?
a) California
b) Texas
c) Florida
d) Oregon

Westward migration was influenced by what?
a) the abolition of slavery
b) economic opportunity
c) the Great Migration
d) healthcare reform

What new territory was added to the United States that was bought by Jefferson from France, doubled the size of the United States, and was explored by Lewis and Clark/?
a) Florida
b) California
c) Louisiana
d) Texas

Who created the cotton gin?
a) Jo Anderson
b) Eli Whitney
c) Robert Fulton
d) Oliver Evans

What was the effect of the invention of Jo Anderson and Cyrus McCormicks reaper?
a) increased the productivity of the American farmer
b) increased the productivity of logging
c) helped explorers on expeditions
d) population growth in eastern states

The artist of a political cartoon about women\'s suffrage would most likely have believed the view that-
a) all slaves should be freed
b) the textile industry needed reform
c) women should not be allowed to vote
d) all men and women are created equal

Which movement would Fredrick Douglass have represented?
a) Abolitionist movement
b) technology innovation movement
c) Westward expansion movement
d) suffrage movement

What was the effect on women being denied the right to vote, denied educational opportunities, and denied equal opportunities in business?
a) states desired faster river and land transportation
b) women were allowed to vote in the Civil War
c) women fought for the right to vote and equal rights for women
d) states wanted more slave labor

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