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1. Like all plants, mosses have
a) chlorophyll.
b) roots.
c) seeds.
d) flowers.

2. The survival of plants depends on
a) sunlight, water, and organic nutrients.
b) water, minerals, and organic nutrients.
c) water, minerals, and sunlight.
d) water, oxygen, and sunlight.

3. Among the following, the plants that reproduce by seeds are the
a) ferns.
b) gymnosperms.
c) mosses.
d) club mosses.

Ferns are plants that
a) survive in darkness.
b) contain xylem and phloem.
c) produce flowers.
d) do not require water for fertilization.

Which of the following characteristics does NOT apply to members of the plant kingdom?
a) development from an embryo
b) mobility of the adult organism
c) photosynthesis
d) cell walls that contain cellulose

The first plants evolved from an organism similar to today's
a) ferns
b) fungi.
c) brown algae.
d) green algae.

Of the following terms, the one that is the LEAST related to the others is
a) xylem.
b) phloem.
c) pollen grain.
d) vascular tissue.

Because of the lack of water in the desert, which of the following are capable of living in this type of environment?
a) seed plants
b) ferns
c) mosses
d) horsetails

Maple trees are
a) gametophytes.
b) annuals.
c) biennials.
d) perennials.

The plants that are recognized as ferns are actually diploid
a) rhizoids.
b) sporangia.
c) sporophytes.
d) gametophytes.

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