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The point on the the earth's surface directly above the focus
a) Focus
b) Fault
c) Hanging Wall
d) Epicenter

A force that acts on rock changing its shape or volume
a) Tension
b) Stress
c) Compression
d) Shearing

Strength of ground motion in a given place
a) Intensity
b) Magnitude
c) Seismic Waves
d) Deformation

Records the ground movements caused by seismic waves as they move through the Earth
a) Seismic Waves
b) Earthquake
c) Seismograph
d) Magnitude

The half of the fault that lies above
a) Foot Wall
b) Hanging Wall
c) Epicenter
d) Fault

Most _______________ begin in the lithosphere
a) Plates
b) Activities
c) Earthquakes

The Moment Magnitude Scale is a rating system that estimates the total _______________ released by an earthquake.
a) Energy
b) Intensity
c) Size
d) Surface

Primary waves are the _______________ waves to arrive.
a) Second
b) Third
c) Only
d) First

The Mercalli Scale measures earthquakes according to their _______________
a) Intensity
b) Size
c) Looks
d) Location

Surface waves produce the most _______________ ground movements
a) Slow
b) Fast
c) Severe
d) Energetic

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