6. Trida: Present Simple Question Preview (ID: 13328)

Hry Pro Zaky 6. Trid Ze ZS TGM Borohradek Zamerene Na Procvicovani Pritomneho Casu Prosteho. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

He _____ football every day.
a) playing
b) play
c) is play
d) plays

He _____ collect stamps.
a) is
b) don't
c) not
d) doesn't

Jane _____ apples.
a) like
b) likes
c) not like
d) don't like

_____ you like travelling?
a) Does
b) Is
c) Do
d) Am

Petr vzdy vstava v sedm hodin.
a) Peter always gets up at seven o'clock.
b) Peter never gets up at seven o'clock.
c) Peter sometimes gets up at seven o'clock.
d) Peter usually gets up at seven o'clock.

We _____ watch TV every evening.
a) not
b) are
c) doesn't
d) don't

Ona hraje casto sachy.
a) She often plays chess.
b) She never plays chess.
c) She always plays chess.
d) She sometimes plays chess.

We _____ English.
a) likes
b) doesn't like
c) is like
d) like

Vzdy delam domaci ukol.
a) I never do my homework.
b) I usually do my homework.
c) I always do my homework.
d) I sometimes do my homework.

Oni obcas hraji pocitacove hry.
a) They always play computer games.
b) They never play computer games.
c) They sometimes play computer games.
d) They usually play computer games.

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