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This Is A Review Of Our Basic Introduction To Waves. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A disturbance that carries information or energy through matter or space...
a) Wave
b) Electromagnetism
c) Medium
d) Radio

Which of the following is NOT a way to recognize a wave?
a) Makes or responds to sound.
b) You see a vibration that moves.
c) Allows you to see through objects.
d) All of the answers are ways to recognize a wave.

What would the medium be for a sound wave?
a) Water
b) Air
c) Gravity
d) Rock

What is a mechanical wave?
a) A wave that requires a person to yell.
b) A wave that travels through space.
c) A wave that requires a magnetic field.
d) A wave that requires matter for the wave to travel through.

Which of the following is not an example of an electromagnetic wave?
a) An wave of ultraviolet light produced by the sun.
b) A wave produced by an X-Ray machine.
c) A wave produced by a remote control.
d) A wave produced by a large ship.

What is the oscillation of a transverse ocean wave that is traveling East/West toward the shore?
a) Wave oscillation is North/South
b) Wave oscillation is West/South
c) Wave oscillation is North/East
d) Wave oscillation is East/West

A sound wave is always what type of wave?
a) Transverse
b) Secondary
c) Longitudinal
d) Electromagnetic

What is a wave crest?
a) The lowest point of the wave
b) The number of waves present
c) The highest point of an ocean wave only
d) The highest point of a wave

What is a wave trough?
a) The lowest point of a wave
b) The tallest point of a wave
c) The distance between waves
d) The smallest possible wave

What type of wave does a stoplight produce?
a) Ultraviolet
b) Visible Light
c) Microwaves
d) X-Rays

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