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Best for people studying at college
a) deposit account
b) savings account
c) current account
d) student account

Allows customer to apply for an overdraft and have standing orders and direct debits
a) current account
b) deposit account
c) savings account
d) student account

Earns high interest if notice must be given to withdraw
a) current account
b) student account
c) savings account
d) basic account

This is sent by the bank to show how much is in your account
a) bank statement
b) bank card
c) cash card
d) balance card

Lucy is 3 and mum and dad want to control her account. The best type is
a) savings account
b) current account
c) student account
d) deposit account

Alison has to pay £10 each month to her gym. A current account would let her use a
a) direct debit
b) interest
c) standing order
d) overdraft

This feature of a current account lets you spend more than you have in your account
a) direct debit
b) credit card
c) debit card
d) overdraft

ATM machines require you to key in
a) personal isolation number
b) personal information now
c) personal information number
d) personal identity number

A deposit account lets you put money into your account and take money out using
a) a debit card
b) a cash card
c) a passbook
d) a credit card

This card allows you to buy goods now, but pay for them later.
a) debit card
b) cash card
c) loyalty card
d) credit card

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