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Which of the following is NOT involved in the movement of matter and energy between reservoirs?
a) Nitrogen Cycle
b) Earth Cycle
c) Phosphorus Cycle
d) Carbon Cycle

A closed system is a system in which the only thing exchanged with the surroundings is
a) energy
b) matter
c) mass
d) water

Which of the following is NOT an important energy source for Earth system?
a) sun
b) nitrogen
c) gravity
d) radioactive decay

In general, how do Earth systems react to change?
a) They restore balance
b) They become disrupted
c) They collapse
d) They become smaller

Earth's ozone layer
a) has been thickening over the past several years
b) filters harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun
c) exists only in Antarctica
d) traps carbon dioxide in the stratosphere

Which of the following explains the principle behind the difference in sunlight received by Earth?
a) The amount of solar radiation that Earth absorbs is constant
b) The amount of solar radiation he sun receives varies
c) The amount of solar radiation the sun receives is constant
d) Cyclical changes in Earth's orbit and in the tilt of its axis cause climatic changes

Increased carbon dioxide may cause global warming by
a) allowing more sunlight into the atmosphere
b) reflecting more sunlight from clouds
c) reducing the amount of oxygen in the air
d) trapping more heat in the atmosphere

Over the past 150 years, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has
a) decreased
b) increased until recently, and then decreased
c) increased
d) stayed about the same

The part of Earth where life exists
a) biosphere
b) geosphere
c) hydrosphere
d) closed system

The portion of Earth that is water
a) Biosphere
b) Geosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Open System

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