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Which of the following factors related to Earth's orbit does NOT affect climate?
a) wobble
b) rotation
c) tilt
d) shape

Over the last 150 years, global temperatures have increased approximately
a) 12.5 Degrees Celcius
b) 10 Degrees Celcius
c) 5 Degrees Celcius
d) 1 Degrees Celcius

Computers climate models that incorporate millions of pieces of data and sort complex sets of variables are called
a) carbon models
b) microclimate models
c) general circulation models
d) topographic models

Which of the following will NOT help reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere?
a) using public transportation
b) driving a hybrid car
c) burning more fossil fuels
d) recycling

Climate does NOT change as a result of
a) Plate tectonic motion
b) General circulation models
c) Human activity
d) Volcanic activity

The pavement and buildings in cities affect the local climate by
a) decreasing the temperature
b) increasing the temperature
c) increasing the precipitation
d) decreasing the precipitation

Which of the following may decrease temperatures by reflecting sunlight back into space?
a) sea-level change
b) global warming
c) orbital change
d) volcanic activity

Which of the following is NOT an impact of climate change?
a) sea-level change
b) global warming
c) orbital change
d) volcanic activity

Clues about animal adaptations to climate change have been found in the study of
a) ice cores
b) sea floor sediments
c) fossils
d) tree rings

Which of the following is NOT a factor that could cause climate change according to the Milankovitch theory?
a) changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit
b) changes in Earth's tilt
c) the wobble of Earth on its axis
d) the movement of tectonic plates

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