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Ellen\'s new bike was a bargain; ______, she needed one.
a) finally
b) consequently
c) then
d) besides

I overslept this morning; ______, I was late for school.
a) besides
b) furthermore
c) however
d) consequently

It is not unusual for Phil to be late;______, he is seldom on time.
a) besides
b) nevertheless
c) indeed
d) then

Louise had never eaten snails; ______, she was willing to give them a try.
a) nevertheless
b) then
c) furthermore
d) besides

The third batter struck out;______, the Pirates had not scored.
a) finally
b) besides
c) again
d) otherwise

Len finished his homework;______,he was ready to relax.
a) then
b) again
c) also
d) furthermore

We were caught in traffic;______, we missed the beginning of the movie.
a) hence
b) again
c) besides
d) finally

We don't have the money to repair the damage;______, it's not covered by your policy.
a) consequently
b) furthermore
c) hence
d) again

Al is reliable;______, he is never late.
a) then
b) besides
c) moreover
d) finally

I saw that movie;______, I didn't enjoy it.
a) however
b) finally
c) consequently
d) therefore

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