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A city with its own government is called;
a) A Special-purpose government
b) A municipality
c) A weak mayor form
d) A strong mayor form

Which of these situations could happen only in strong mayor-council form of government?
a) The mayor participates in an annual parade in the city.
b) The mayor shares power with the city council.
c) The mayor vetoes legislation passed by the council.
d) The mayor appoints department heads.

Which of the things listed below is a written document that provides a town with the permission to exist and function?
a) Georgia General Assembly
b) Commissioner's Report
c) Strong-Mayor Council
d) Municipal Charter

Which statement is true of BOTH the strong mayor–council and the weak mayor–council forms of local government?
a) executive decisions are made by only one person
b) executive decisions are made by just the city council
c) policy-making is done by elected mayor while law enforcement is left to the city manager
d) policy-making roles and responsibilities are divided between the mayor and the city council

For which of these purposes might a special-purpose government be created in Georgia?
a) to operate public schools
b) to oversee state elections
c) to draw legislative districts
d) to sign international treaties

Which form of local government is characterized as being run like a business or corporation?
a) City Commission
b) Council-Manager
c) Weak Mayor-Council
d) Strong Mayor-Council

The main goal of a special-purpose government is to;
a) save taxpayers money
b) expand a city's revenue
c) provide for the general welfare of taxpayers
d) make government more responsive to the people

Unlike the mayor in the weak mayor-council form of government, the mayor in the strong mayor-council form of government
a) must receive approval for all mayoral nominations
b) has more powers and few checks on mayoral decisions
c) cannot appoint and dismiss department heads without council approval
d) must seek and receive substantial public input on mayoral nominations

Which of these is an example of a Special Purpose government?
a) regional library
b) county commission
c) department of public safety
d) department of transportation

Which of these positions serves as the "accountant" of a county?
a) the mayor
b) the sheriff
c) the tax commissioner
d) the judge of the probate court

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