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Which city is known as the "Gateway to the West"?
a) Chicago, Illinois
b) Dodge City, Kansas
c) St. Louis, Missouri
d) Detriot, Michigan

The statues carved into the Black Hills at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial honor...
a) Native Americans
b) Presidents
c) pioneers
d) sports heros

What kinds of storms bring heavy snowfall and freezing winds to the Midwest
a) hurricanes
b) hailstorms
c) tornadoes
d) blizzards

The Midwest is called "America's Breadbasket" because...
a) midwestern farmers grow lots of grain.
b) people in the Midwest like bread.
c) Native Americans grew corn.
d) there are many bakeries in this region.

Which city is a main transportation hub?
a) St. Louis, Missouri
b) Dodge City, Kansas
c) Detriot, Michigan
d) Chicago, Illinois

Where would you go to see cowboys?
a) Dodge City
b) Soo Locks
c) Crazy Horse Memorial
d) Wrigley Field

Which state is part of the dairy farming industry?
a) Wisconsin
b) Indiana
c) Nebraska
d) South Dakota

North Dakota farmers grow lots of...
a) fruit
b) corn
c) wheat
d) cotton

Which state raises so much corn that it's nicknames the "Corn State"?
a) Missouri
b) Kansas
c) South Dakota
d) Iowa

In which state was Ms. Timmerman college located?
a) Kansas
b) Missouri
c) Iowa
d) Wisconsin

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