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Teaching someone to accept an idea or principle without question is know as a(n)...
a) Indoctrination
b) Interim
c) Misdemeanor
d) Patriarch

There was a lot of _____________________ graffiti written all over the girls restroom stalls.
a) obscene
b) mayhem
c) predator
d) profound

Interim is...
a) the time between one event
b) changing; transforming
c) wall painting
d) indecent, offensive

He caused absolute ___________________ pushing and shoving his way to the back of the bus.
a) mayhem
b) irony
c) interim
d) obscenities

I can't decide if she had 'ticked' off her hairdresser of is _________________ into a monarch butterfly. I call her Hairwoman.
a) morphing
b) musing
c) mortuary
d) mayheming

He is as smart as a soap dish is an example of what?
a) irony
b) metaphor
c) personification
d) allusion

A misdemeanor is...
a) a crime or offense that is less serious than a felony; any minor misbehavior or misconduct
b) offense; failure of duty, neglect of an obligation
c) a crime more serious than a misdemeanor and punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or death
d) bring an accusation against; to make appear guilty of a crime

A predator is one that preys on another, or destroys. Who could be considered a predator in Speak?
a) Andy Evans
b) Melinda
c) David Petrakis
d) Mr. Freeman

The _________________ was a beautiful display art.
a) mural
b) muse
c) mortuary
d) mayhem

a source of inspiration is also know as a(n)...
a) muse
b) mortuary
c) interim
d) mural

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