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Work is....
a) the area of a force vs time graph
b) the slope of a force vs time graph
c) the area of a force vs distance graph
d) the slope of a force vs distance graph

A 2000 kg car is going 2m/s. How much power is required to bring it to a stop in 4 seconds?
a) 1000 W
b) 16000 W
c) 32000 W
d) 500 W

In which case is work being done?
a) you climb up a set of stairs
b) a bowling ball rolls down a slick alley
c) you carry your books across the room
d) you are sitting at your desk doing your homework

A projectile is launched at some angle between 1 and 89 degrees, Which is true?
a) At the apex, all the KE has converted to PE
b) The total ME at the apex is the same as it was just after it was launched
c) Gravity does work on it to change the ME
d) Elastic potential energy increases

A skier starts from rest at the top of a 20 m tall hill. How fast will he be going at the bottom of the hill?
a) 19.8 m/s
b) 40.0 m/s
c) 10.2 m/s
d) can't solve without mass

Energy is not...
a) a vector
b) conserved
c) a scalar
d) the ability to do work

Power is measured in...
a) Watts
b) respect
c) Joules
d) Newtons

Which is false about work?
a) it can be negative
b) it has direction
c) W = fdcos(θ)
d) Work is measured in Joules

a 8kg block is pulled 7 m along a frictionless horizontal surface by a rope that makes an angle of 35 deg with the horizontal. If the tension on the rope is 60N then how fast is it traveling at the end of the 7 m if it started from rest?
a) 9.3 m/s
b) 37.1 m/s
c) 41.8 m/s
d) 7.7 m/s

a bullet has 340 J of KE when it strikes a target. If it penetrates .4m then what is the force applied to the bullet?
a) 850N
b) 136N
c) 1700N
d) 272N

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