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Which is the term that applies to the joining of homologous chromosomes during Prophase I of meiosis?
a) sister pairing
b) tetrads
c) chromatid condensing
d) crossing over

During synapsis, homologous chromosomes exchange sections of DNA in a process called ________.
a) synapsis
b) chromosome replication
c) duplication
d) crossing over

What is not an advantage of asexual reproduction?
a) Requires less enegy
b) Requires less time commitment
c) Produces diverse offspringq
d) Produces offspring without requiring a mate

Which is the most common way that bacteria reproduce?
a) budding
b) sexually
c) vegetative propagation
d) binary fission

Somatic cells reproduce by ______________ , while sex cells reproduce by ______________ .
a) meiosis, meiosis
b) mitosis, asexual reproduction
c) mitosis, meiosis
d) asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction

Which of the following statements is true about mitosis in humans?
a) All cells of the body go through mitosis more or less constantly from conception until death.
b) Each cell undergoing mitosis divides into two complete new cells that are usually identical to the c
c) It takes roughly two weeks for a cell to go through all six phases of mitosis.
d) Mitosis is the only process of cell division in humans.

Which of the following statements is true about meiosis in humans?
a) Sperm and ova are not identical to the parent cells that produced them.
b) Females produce far more gametes than do males.
c) The process begins in females at puberty.
d) Meiosis produces clones of mother cells.

As a result of "fertilization", which of the following normally occur?
a) A gamete is created.
b) A single sperm and ovum combine their genetic material to create an offspring with the same number o
c) The final phase of spermatogenesis is begun.
d) A haploid cell is produced.

The first cell produced at the union of a sperm and egg is called a __________.
a) zygote
b) gamete
c) haploid
d) diploid

The main advantage to sexual reproduction is ___________.
a) it requires less time.
b) it requires less energy.
c) it increases genetic diversity of offspring.
d) it happens only in higher level organisms.

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