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Katie\'s dad took the family out to eat for her birthday.There were fifteen people total. There were nine kids and everyone else was an adult. How many adults were there?
a) 15+9
b) 15/9
c) 15X9
d) 15-9

Jeff was reading a book with three chapters. If each chapter was six pages, how long was the book?
a) 3+6
b) 6/3
c) 3X6
d) 3-6

What is the simplest form of the fraction 75/100
a) 7/10
b) 1/4
c) 3/4
d) 7/5

What number has the factors of 3, 8, and 12
a) 36
b) 24
c) 34
d) 48

If you buy 3 drinks for $1.50 each and a hotdog anf fries for $3.25, how much would you spend?
a) $8.75
b) $7.50
c) $8.25
d) $7.75

What is the length of the rectangle if the width is 8 and the area is 96?
a) L=6
b) L=12
c) L=14
d) L=2

The area and perimeter of a square are the same. How long would each side measure?
a) 4
b) 20
c) 16
d) 5

The perimeter of a rectangle is 22. The lenght is 5. What is the width?
a) W=12
b) W=5
c) W=10
d) W=6

What equation is not correct?
a) (4x5) +20= (5X4)=20
b) (3x4)+10 = 3x(4+10)
c) 3x4x5=5x3x4
d) 30-(4X6) = 30-(6X4)

Which group of fractions are all equivalent to 1/4
a) 2/8 25/100 8/32
b) 2/8 4/16 10/50
c) 2/8 5/30 25/100
d) 3/12 6/24 4/16

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