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Why are enzymes specific?
a) They only bind to certain substrates
b) Are lipids with special functions
c) They only work at one temperature
d) They only work at one pH

All enzymes are
a) Carbohydrates
b) Nucleic acids
c) Proteins
d) Lipids

The name of the compound that binds to an enzyme
a) Product
b) Substrate
c) Protein
d) Chemical

Activation energy is the
a) Energy needed to get a chemical reaction started.
b) The energy of the enzyme-substrate complex.
c) The area where a substrate binds to the enzyme.
d) Energy needed to end a chemical reaction.

Enzymes and catalysts speed up the rate of chemical reactions by:
a) Increasing the activation energy.
b) Decreasing the heat produced.
c) Increasing the heat produced.
d) Decreasing the activation energy.

Individuals who lack lactase are unable to break down the sugar lactose. Which term best describes lactase
a) Lipid
b) Enzyme
c) Fat
d) Carbohydrate

What best describes an acid?
a) a pH above 7
b) none of these
c) a pH below 7
d) a pH = 7

What best describes a base?
a) a pH above 7
b) none of these
c) a pH below 7
d) a pH = 7

Why are enzymes reusable?
a) They are renewed by other enzymes.
b) Enzymes are not changed when they catalyze a chemical reaction.
c) Enzymes are constantly regenerated by respiration
d) Enzymes are made of strong materials

Proteins are made of
a) Amino acids
b) Monosaccharides
c) Fatty Acids
d) Nucleotides

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