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Another name for a natural resource called oil is ____.
a) petroleum
b) gas
c) tar
d) salad dressing

Earth's ____ are features that benefit people - like air, water, soil, minerals, trees, and petroleum
a) natural resources
b) renewable resources
c) nonrenewable resources
d) exports

___ are substances made from things that were once alive.
a) fossil fuels
b) nonrenewable resources
c) natural resources
d) resource conservation

A ___ is a natural resource like uranium or coal that is not replaced as it is used.
a) nonrenewable resource
b) renewable resource
c) fossil fuel
d) radioactive

The sun's energy is often called ___.
a) solar energy
b) hydroelectric energy
c) geothermal energy
d) fossil fuels

A ____ is a natural resource like the sun, wind, or trees that can be replaced in a relatively short period of time.
a) renewable
b) nonrenewable
c) solar energy
d) resource conservation

Tiny particles and gasses released inot the air are called _____.
a) pollution
b) emissions
c) fossil fuels
d) conservation

If you practice _____, you are protecting, perserving, and managing Earth's natural resources.
a) conservation
b) pollution
c) littering
d) smoking

___ is a change to the enviornment that is harmful to humans or other living things.
a) pollution
b) emissions
c) climate
d) weather

Which of the following lists includes ALL renewable resources?
a) hydroelectric, solar, biomass, wind, geothermal
b) solar, nuclear, wind, natural gas
c) geothermal, wind, nuclear, solar
d) nuclear, natural gas, oil, coal

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