English 12 CP Mid-Term Beowulf Review Question Preview (ID: 1330)

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What is the name of Beowulf's homeland?
a) Geatland
b) Finland
c) England
d) Denmark

A kenning is____________________
a) The act of fighting a demon.
b) a descriptive device in Anglo-Saxon poetry.
c) the comparison of two similar items.
d) Is the placement of two opposing ideas to form a true statement.

What is a larger-than-life character whose accomplishments reflect a people’s values and way of life called?
a) Tragic hero
b) Epic hero
c) Legendary hero
d) Byronic hero

“man-ruler” is an example of
a) alliteration
b) metaphor
c) simile
d) kenning

This man is the King of the Danes and son of Healfdane
a) Beowulf
b) Unferth
c) Hrothgar
d) Wiglaf

During the Chrisitan commentary Grendel is said to be the descendant of ___________.
a) Abel
b) Satan
c) Cain
d) God

Beowulf fights Grendel's mother ___________________ and brings _________________ with him as proof that he defeated her.
a) in the sky; Grendel's arm
b) under water; Grendel's head
c) in a cave; Grendel's arm
d) on a mountain; Grendel's foot

The Danes are attacked by Grendel in _______________, which is their ______________.
a) Herot; castle
b) Herot; village
c) Herot; mead hall
d) Herot; province

Who is the son of Edgetho?
a) Hrothgar
b) Beowulf
c) Unferth
d) Breca

For what reason does Beowulf fight Grendel's mother?
a) He wants to receive more treasures.
b) He wants to become the King of Denmark.
c) He just wants to get this over with and go home.
d) He wants to have the glory and fame.

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