Word Project 3 A Question Preview (ID: 133)

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How is font size measured?
a) inches
b) picts
c) points
d) centimeters

Which of the following should be used to show strong emphasis?
a) bold
b) bold and underline
c) bold and italics
d) italics

Which point sizes should be used for most correspondence and reports?
a) 8 and 10
b) 10 and 12
c) 12 and 14
d) 14 and 16

What colors are availble for the highlight pen?
a) yellow
b) pink
c) green
d) many different colors

Which of the following is the keyboard shortcut for accessing the Font dialog box?
a) Ctrl + D
b) Ctrl + F
c) Ctrl + B
d) none of the other answers

Which of the following should be shown in a serif font?
a) title
b) heading
c) body of text
d) fine print

Which of the following allows you to copy formats?
a) copy/paste
b) format painter
c) format copier
d) font painter

In which type of document would you use a designer font?
a) report
b) research paper
c) brochure
d) newspaper

Which acronym is used to describe that a document on the screen looks like the printout?
a) What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)
b) Print Out Is Same Exactly (POISE)
c) Screen Is Same As Print (SISAP)
d) none of the other answers

Which of the following is not a character effect?
a) strikethrough
b) emboss
c) subscript
d) font

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