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Mam rad cokoladu.
a) I like ice cream.
b) I don't like tomato.
c) I like chocolate.
d) I don't like pear.

Nemam rad mleko.
a) I don't like milk.
b) I don't like water.
c) I don't like Coke.
d) I don't like bread.

Mas rad papriku?
a) Do you like cucumbers?
b) Do you like carrots?
c) Do you like peppers?
d) Do you like cabbages?

Moje oblibena zmrzlina je citronova.
a) My favourite ice cream is orange.
b) My favourite ice cream is lemon.
c) My favourite ice cream is vanilla.
d) My favourite ice cream is cherry.

Mam rad jahodovou zmrzlinu.
a) I like apple ice cream.
b) I like banana ice cream.
c) I like cherry ice cream.
d) I like strawberry ice cream.

Nesnasim rajcata.
a) I love potatoes.
b) I hate tomatoes.
c) I hate potatoes.
d) I love tomatoes.

Mas rad vanilkovou zmrzlinu?
a) Do you like apple ice cream?
b) Do you like coffee ice cream?
c) Do you like vanilla ice cream?
d) Do you like cherry ice cream?

Nemam rad syr.
a) I like cheese.
b) I don't like cheese.
c) I like bread.
d) I don't like bread.

Mam rad jablka, ale nemam rad rajcata.
a) I like carrots but I don't like potatoes.
b) I like tomatoes but I don't like apples.
c) I like potatoes but I don't like apples.
d) I like apples but I don't like tomatoes.

Mas rad mleko? Ano, mam.
a) Do you like water? Yes, I do.
b) Do you like milk? No, I don't.
c) Do you like milk? Yes, I do.
d) Do you like coffee? No, I don't.

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