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Ja umim plavat.
a) I can swim.
b) I can't swim.
c) He can swim.
d) You can swim.

Umi ona malovat?
a) Can you draw?
b) Can he draw?
c) Can she draw?
d) Can I draw?

My neumime hrat na housle.
a) You can't play the violin.
b) He can't play the violin.
c) They can't play the violin.
d) We can't play the violin.

On neumi tancovat.
a) He can dance.
b) I can't dance.
c) He can't dance.
d) She can't dance.

Umis hrat na bubny?
a) Can you play the recorder?
b) Can you play the drums?
c) Can you play the violin?
d) Can you play the trumpet?

Oni umi malovat.
a) I can draw.
b) I can't draw.
c) He can draw.
d) They can draw.

Petr umi zpivat.
a) Peter can't sing.
b) Peter likes singing.
c) Peter can sing.
d) Peter doesn't like singing.

Muj oblibeny sport je fotbal.
a) My favourite sport is football.
b) My favourite sport is volleyball.
c) My favourite sport is basketball.
d) My favourite sport is baseball.

Umis zpivat?
a) Can I sing?
b) Can he sing?
c) Can you sing?
d) Can they sing?

Ja umim hrat fotbal.
a) I can't play football.
b) You can play football.
c) I can play football.
d) He can play football.

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