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Where was Shakespeare born?
a) York
b) Stratford upon Liffey
c) Stratford upon Avon
d) Snitterfield

Who did Shakespeare marry to?
a) Anne Hathaway
b) Christine Hathaway
c) Eleanor Hathaway
d) Judith Hathaway

How many children did Shakespeare and his wife have?
a) Two daughters
b) A daughter and boy twins
c) A daughter and twins
d) They had no children

According to some biographers, what was Shakespeare's profession before becoming a writer?
a) He was a farmer
b) He was a lawyer
c) He was a schoolmaster
d) He was a journalist

What company of actors did first performe Shakespeare's plays?
a) The Lord Admiral's Men
b) The Chamberlein's Men
c) The King's Men
d) King James' I Men

All Shakespeare's plays have been collected in...
a) Shakespeare's First Plays
b) Shakespeare's First Collection
c) The First Portfolio
d) The First Folio

Which of these plays is not Shakespeare's?
a) The Taming of the Shrew
b) The Tempest
c) Henry IV
d) The Revenge Tragedy

What was the name of the Head of State during Shakespeare's time?
a) Queen Elizabeth II
b) Queen Elizabeth I
c) Queen Mary I
d) Queen Margareth I

Shakespeare took the idea of a pair of lost twin brothers as an inspiration for his play...
a) Comedy of Errors
b) The Tempest
c) Midsummer Night's Dream
d) Romeo and Juliet

The main woman character in this play drinks poison to simulate her death
a) Beatrice
b) Gertrude
c) Ophelia
d) Juliet

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