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In what year was Edgar Allan Poe born.
a) 1849
b) 2013
c) 1809
d) 1492

What types of writing did Poe not create.
a) Mysteries
b) Poetry
c) Drama
d) Horror

How old was Poe when he died?
a) 21
b) 100
c) 40
d) 30

Which of the following happened when Poe was alive?
a) The first telephone was invented
b) Nixon visitd China
c) The first automobile was built.
d) Texas became a state

What is the Red Death?
a) Chicken Pox
b) The Plague
c) Tuberculosis
d) Spanish Flu

Which of the following stories did Edgar Allan Poe not write?
a) The Narrative of Gordon Pym
b) The Tell-Tale Heart
c) Alice Through the Looking Glass
d) The Black Cat

Which of the following poems did Edgar Allan Poe not write?
a) The Bells
b) The Raven
c) Beowulf
d) Annabel Lee

In what state was Edgar Allan Poe born?
a) Virginia
b) New York
c) Massachusettes
d) Maryland

Which of the following was the first detective in literature?
a) Sherlock Holmes
b) Hercule Poirot
c) August Dupin
d) Miss Marple

What was the name of Edgar's wife?
a) Maryann
b) Virginia
c) Louise
d) Elizabeth

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