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What is the basic equation for work?
a) F/d
b) F * d
c) F * A
d) F/ A

The work unit of one joule is equal to
a) 1 footpount
b) 1 meter
c) 1 newton meter
d) 1 foot

What is the unit of work in the English system
a) joule
b) foot pound
c) newton meter
d) ounce

This is equal to the output work divided by the input work times 100%
a) work
b) force
c) pressure
d) efficiency

Angles can be represented by
a) radians
b) degrees
c) theta
d) all of these

How much work is done by a student when a 500 lb weight is lifted 10 feet?
a) 500 * 10
b) 500 / 10
c) 500 + 10
d) 10 / 500

How much work is done by a student who holds a 10 pound weight for 30 seconds?
a) 300 joules
b) 300 foot pounds
c) 3 newton meters
d) no work is done

What is one revolution equal to?
a) 3.14
b) 2 times 3.14
c) 0.5 times 3.14
d) pi

What is the torque exerted on a wrench with a force of 30 pounds if the length of the wrench is 2 feet?
a) 60 foot pounds
b) 15 foot pounds
c) 60 joules
d) 15 joules

If 1000 joules of work are done using a force of 250 newtons, what distance is the force moved through?
a) 250 times 1000
b) 250 divided by 1000
c) 1000 divided by 250
d) 1000 divided by 250 times 100%

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