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Rotational force transformers usually amplify or increase what?
a) force
b) speed or distance
c) work output
d) work input

To find actual mechanical advantage for a wheel and axle, you would divide the...
a) output force by input force
b) input distance by output distance
c) output distance by input distance
d) input force by output force

When resistance is present, which of these is greater?
a) work input
b) all choices are incorrect
c) they are both the same
d) work output

Rotational work equals the input torque applied times the
a) output torque
b) IMA
c) input angle
d) input force

A chain hoist used in a garage is an example of a
a) friction drive
b) wheel and axle
c) gear drive
d) belt drive

If you increase the torque on the output pulley of a belt and pulley drive, without changing the amount of work done, what happens to the speed of the output pulley?
a) it increases
b) it could either increase or decrease
c) it doesn't change
d) it decreases

The actual mechanical advantage of a belt drive system when friction is present is equal to the
a) ratio of wheel and pulley radii
b) IMA
c) ratio of torques
d) ratio of forces

What part of a gear train transfers motion without adding or removing energy from the system?
a) the idler gear
b) the driven gear
c) the drive gear
d) the torque converter

The ideal mechanical advantage of a gear drive system is equal to what?
a) the product of all of the individual gear ratios
b) the number of teeth on the driving wheel divided by the number of teeth on the driven wheel
c) the diameter of the input drum divided by the diameter of the output drum
d) the number of teeth on the driven gear

The ideal mechanical advantage of a force transformer is always
a) equal to or greater than the actual mechanical advantage
b) less than the actual mechanical advantage
c) equal to the ratio of Force Out to Force In
d) dependent on the presence or absence of friction

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