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What pope was given the title "the Great" because of his great power?
a) Peter
b) Gelasius
c) Valentinian III
d) Leo I

In 445, the Western Roman emperor ___________ recognized the pope as the supreme ruler of all the church.
a) Gelasius
b) Leo I
c) Valentinian III
d) Constantine

The Roman emperor ___________ called a council to deal with the Arian controversy.
a) Leo I
b) Diotrephes
c) Constantine
d) Valentinian III

The council met in ___________ in the year A.D. 325.
a) Jerusalem
b) Nicaea
c) Rome
d) Hippo Regis

The bishop of Rome became known as the ___________ , a word that means "father".
a) elder
b) deacon
c) presbyter
d) pope

What pope said that, in matters relating to God, leaders of the church are supreme over all human rulers?
a) Gelasius
b) Leo I
c) Constantine
d) Valentinian III

The period after the collapse of the Roman Empire is called the ___________ .
a) Early Church Ages
b) Old Ages
c) Middle Ages
d) Rock of Ages

The New Testament was written in __________ , the most common type of Greek.
a) koin
b) koine
c) koinea
d) koineria

The word ___________ means an assembly or body of people.
a) gang
b) group
c) herd
d) church

The word ___________ means "universal" or "one."
a) catholic
b) sacrament
c) mass
d) canon

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