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Why are the sun’s rays more direct in the northern hemisphere in the summer?
a) The Earth is closer to the sun in the summer.
b) The North Pole is tilted toward the sun.
c) The South Pole is tilted toward the sun.
d) The Earth rotates more slowly in the summer

About how long does it take the Earth to orbit half-way around the sun?
a) 6 months
b) 24 hours
c) 1 year
d) 29.5 days

Seasons result from the Earth’s—
a) rotation on its axis while orbiting the sun
b) tilt on its axis as it orbits the sun
c) distance from the sun during its orbit
d) atmosphere changing during its orbit

The tilt of Earth’s axis helps to create which of the following?
a) the changing seasons
b) day and night
c) tides
d) phases of the moon

Which of the following statements about tides is true?
a) tides are the rise and fall of water in Earth’s seas and oceans.
b) the moon’s gravity allows for tides to occur.
c) There are generally two high tides and two low tides each day
d) all answers are correct

The Sun is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT –
a) deposition
b) wind
c) water cycle
d) weather

In Texas, it is warmer in summer than in winter because in summer—
a) Earth is closer to the sun
b) There are fewer clouds in the sky
c) the sun’s rays hit Texas more directly
d) Texas is tiled away from the sun

Kevin wants to know what would happen to mice if they were set free on the surface of the Moon. His teacher explains that all of the mice would immediately die. This is mostly because –
a) The Moon has no solid surface.
b) The Moon has many craters.
c) The Moon has no place for the mice to hide.
d) The Moon has no oxygen for the mice to breathe.

The Earth rotates on its axis and orbits the Sun. The moon rotates on its axis and orbits the—
a) sun
b) earth
c) planets
d) solar system

Which statement about the Sun is NOT true?
a) The Sun is a ball of hot gases.
b) The Sun generates light and heat for the Earth.
c) The Sun is at the edge of our solar system.
d) The Moon reflects light from the Sun.

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