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The prime minister is elected by the Diet, Japan's
a) ruling class
b) executive branch
c) judicial branch
d) legislative branch

Japanese citizens have the right to vote after age
a) 18
b) 21
c) 20
d) 19

Japan has a ___________________ system of government.
a) oligarchic
b) parliamentary
c) confederate
d) autocractic

Which of the following terms best describes the Japanese government?
a) theocracy
b) constitutional monarchy
c) unitary oligarchy
d) federal democracy

Which branch of government makes laws in a presidential form of democracy?
a) executive
b) the presidential and legislative branches together
c) judicial
d) legislative

What is a president's role regarding laws passed by the legislature?
a) The president is in charge of enforcing those laws passed by the legislature.
b) The president can change laws that he or she does not like.
c) The president does not need to approve laws passed by the legislature.
d) The president checks with states for approval of the laws.

What type of government is the People's Republic of China?
a) a constitutional monarchy
b) a theocratic confederation
c) a federal democracy
d) a communist oligarchy

India's government would best be described as
a) a confederation of Indian states
b) a theocractic oligarchy
c) a unitary presidential democracy
d) a federal parliamentary democracy

The legislative branch of India's governent is called the
a) African National Congress
b) Indian National Congress
c) Muslim League
d) Diet

The name of the legislature in China is the
a) National People's Congress
b) Indian National Congress
c) Diet
d) Knessett

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