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What is precipitation?
a) air that surrounds the earth
b) water that falls to the earth as rain, snow,sleet, or hail
c) shaking of the earth's surface
d) a landform on Earth's surface that is much higher than the land around it

What is NOT a type of precipitation?
a) rain
b) snow
c) sleet
d) soil

True of False: Weathering helps the soil by breaking down rock into small pieces.
a) True
b) False

What is soil in the forest most likely formed from?
a) plant remains
b) animal remains
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

Temperature is measured by...
a) a globe
b) a clock
c) a thermometer
d) air

A valley
a) is a lowland area between higher lands such as mountains.
b) a flat area on the earth's surface
c) a deep valley with steep sides

A canyon
a) causes rapid changes to lan when soild turns to mud and slides downhill
b) are formd in ocens as the lava fom volcanic eruptions
c) a deep valley wih steep sides
d) none of the above

What is an earthquake?
a) a flat area higher than the land around it
b) water that falls to the earth
c) formed from lava
d) shaking of the Earth's surfce caused by movement of the crust and mantle

What is a plain?
a) a mudslide
b) flat area on Earth's surface
c) atmosphere
d) a canyon

How long does coal take to form?
a) 500-1000 years
b) 15-50 years
c) millions of years
d) none of the above

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