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Patchwork Quilts: Why did people in earlier times make quilts? 
a) to make family heirlooms for their grandchildren
b)  to get together for social events 
c) to keep old traditions alive
d)  to reuse old materials to make needed items 

Patchwork Quilts: What is the best way to begin doing patchwork? 
a) make a patchwork quilt
b)  make a patchwork block 
c) sew the batting and the bottom layer of fabric
d) make a patchwork pillow 

Patchwork Quilts: How large is the suggested seam allowance? 
a)  1/2 inch 
b) 1 1/4 inch
c) one inch 
d) 1/4 inch 

Utah Cattle Pie Graph: What is the purpose of this graph? 
a) to sell a product
b) to entertain 
c) to inform 
d) to persuade

Utah Cattle Pie Graph: What information does this graph provide? 
a)  Utah cattle for the years 1990-1998
b) Utah cattle by class for 1998 
c)  Southern Utah cattle 
d) actual numbers of Utah cattle

Utah Cattle Pie Graph: In 1998, Utah had about the same amount of which types of cattle? 
a) milk cows and calves 
b) milk cows and beef cows 
c) calves and bulls
d) beef cows and bulls

Grand Opening: According to this advertisement, what is the price of a McDonald's hamburger? 
a) $1.00 
b) 15 cents 
c) $1.50
d) 50 cents 

Grand Opening: In which city did this grand opening for a McDonald's occur? 
a) Tennessee 
b) Tucson 
c) Tallahassee 
d) Texas

Grand Opening:  Which statement from this advertisement shows an opinion? 
a)  McDonald's hamburgers are made of 100% pure beef. 
b)  Look for the drive in with the arches. 
c) Try 'em yourself!
d) Just the tastiest food in town! 

Grand Opening: Complete this sentence--"A Pleasure Every Family Can _______"
a) laugh about
b) afford
c) enjoy
d) hope for

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