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Great Opportunity:  How many hours must a student work a week? 
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Great Opportunity: What should students who want to apply do? 
a) send a letter to Maggie Williams
b) send an E-mail to Maggie Williams 
c) visit Maggie Williams at the Senior Sunshine Center
d) call Maggie Williams at the Senior Sunshine Center

Great Opportunity: Which student has the most experience for this job? 
a) Nick, who has helped clean up the schoolyard. 
b) Abby, who sweeps the patio in her yard each week. 
c) Ryan, who has helped his grandmother in her yard. 
d) Hannah, who likes to speak in front of groups.

Great Opportunity: What are applicants required to do before they get the job? 
a)  meet the senior citizens 
b) have an interview
c) show their gardening skills
d) get permission from their school

Great Opportunity: Who does the Senior Sunshine Center want to hire? 
a) three sixth grade students
b) six third grade students
c)  three students of any age
d) three seventh grade students

Patchwork Quilts: What is the purpose of this passage? 
a) to give instructions for making patchwork 
b) to give historical information about quilts 
c) to persuade the reader to recycle material
d) to explain the purpose of patchwork

Patchwork Quilts: What should be done with the seams when the block is finished? 
a) They should be opened, then pressed. 
b) They should be sewn in opposite directions. 
c) The should be pressed in one direction. 
d) They should be sewn together and not pressed.

Patchwork Quilts: What are the templates used for? 
a) to transfer the pattern to the material 
b)  to measure the seam allowance 
c) to determine how many blocks are needed 
d) to determine how the blocks are put together

Patchwork Quilts: What kind of materials do the directions suggest using? 
a) light and dark materials in colors that go well together 
b) soft and rough materials in pleasing colors 
c) used and new materials in soft and rough fabric
d)  light and dark materials in different patterns

Patchwork Quilts: How should the pieces be assembled? 
a)  from the center out 
b)  from the outside to the center
c) all one color at the same time
d) from one corner to another

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