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What layer of the atmosphere is the least dense?
a) troposphere
b) mesosphere
c) stratosphere
d) exosphere

What layer contains the ozone layer?
a) troposphere
b) stratosphere
c) mesospere
d) thermosphere

What molecule is a harmful pollutant if found in the troposphere but helpful when contained in the stratosphere?
a) carbon dioxide
b) methane
c) oxygen gas
d) ozone

Thunderstorms occur in the ___________.
a) troposphere
b) mesosphere
c) thermosphere
d) ionosphere

The two main molecules found in the atomsphere are __________.
a) argon and hydrogen
b) nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide
c) oxygen and nitrogen gas
d) hydrogen gas and water vapor

Which of the following can counteract global warming and cause temperatures to decrease?
a) deforestation by slash and burn practices
b) methane inputs from cow farts
c) burning of fossil fuels
d) reforestation of clear cut forests

Atmospheric pressure _______ with ________ altitude
a) decreases, decreased
b) increases, increased
c) remains constant, changing
d) decreases, increased

What process breaks up most of the meteors that reach Earth's atmosphere?
a) convection currents in the troposhere
b) friction with molecules in mesosphere
c) burning of matter as it contacts the ozone layer
d) interaction with gamma radiation in the thermosphere

Which type of radiation is trapped in the troposphere by greenhouse gases?
a) gamma rays
b) ultraviolet radiation
c) x rays
d) infrared radiation

The vertical movement of air masses due to uneven heating is called?
a) convection
b) conduction
c) reflection
d) absorption

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