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Who were the Bolsheviks?
a) Victims of the Lusitania
b) Members of the White Army during the Russian Civil War
c) British soldiers fighting in France
d) A group of communist revolutionaries

Which countries were members of the Central Powers?
a) Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire
b) USA, France, Britain
c) Russia, Norway, Belgium
d) Bulgaria, Italy, Canada

Why were the Balkans called the Powder Keg of Europe?
a) Because of the powdery snow on its mountain peaks
b) They made most of Europe's weapons
c) Their primary export was gunpowder
d) There was conflict between nationalist groups that could explode into a war

How did the map of Europe change following the war?
a) New countries were formed out of old ones
b) The Central Powers became one big nation
c) Russia disappeared completely
d) Germany disappeared completely

In his Fourteen Points speech, Woodrow Wilson called for:
a) Germany's punishment
b) Britain's surrender
c) A League of Nations
d) A charity to help rebuild Germany

Before the war, Russia was part of which alliance?
a) The Triple Alliance
b) The Allied Powers
c) The Central Powers
d) The Triple Entente

Who was the first leader of the Soviet Union?
a) Vladimir Lenin
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Nicholas II
d) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Which countries were members of the Allied Powers?
a) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia
b) Britain, France, Romania
c) Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, USA
d) France, Brazil, China

What events led the U.S. to enter the war?
a) Fourteen Points and League of Nations
b) The Lusitania and League of Nations
c) Treaty of Versailles and Zimmerman Telegram
d) The Lusitania and Zimmerman Telegram

Who won World War I?
a) The Allied Powers
b) The Triple Entente
c) The Triple Alliance
d) The Central Powers

The Treaty of Versailles....
a) Made Germany take all the blame
b) Was written by Woodrow Wilson
c) Was signed in England
d) Forgave the Central Powers

What is a characteristic of trench warfare?
a) Armies march toward each other across a battlefield
b) Armies tunnel underground until they have crossed enemy lines
c) Armies bomb cities to maximize the death toll
d) Armies dig networks of ditches to seek cover from enemy fire

What type of economic system did the new Russian government set up?
a) Mercantilism
b) Militarism
c) Communism
d) Capitalism

Why did Russia leave the war in 1917?
a) They were having their own revolution
b) They wanted to go to war with China
c) They did not believe in war
d) They decided they agreed with the Central Powers

Which was NOT a new weapon used during World War I?
a) Poison gas
b) Machine Guns
c) Muskets
d) Tanks

Which term means a buildup of weapons and armies?
a) Militarism
b) Nationalism
c) Imperialism
d) Alliances

Before the war, which alliance did Italy belong to?
a) Central Powers
b) Triple Alliance
c) Triple Entente
d) Allied Powers

What was the spark that caused the war?
a) The czar wasn't treating his people fairly
b) Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Bosnia
c) The Treaty of Versailles
d) Britain attacked Germany

Fighting on the Western Front took place in...
a) Britain
b) France
c) Spain
d) Russia

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