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Which best describes how Stormis feelings changed from the beginning of the play to the end of the play?
a) She was scared and then angry.
b) She was bitter and then happy.
c) She was sad and then curious.
d) She was confused and then sad.

Stormis mother told her things would be OK. Stormi says it will be OK like a book report due and you havent read the book,. What does this mean?
a) Stormi agreed with her mother.
b) Stormi enjoyed reading.
c) Stormi thought things would not be OK.
d) Stormi thought things would be OK after she read a book.

Which sentence states a generalization that is valid?
a) It's always easy to make new friends.
b) People usually feel better when they have friends.
c) New students at school make better grades.
d) Everyone thinks its fun to move.

It was important to the story that this was not the first time Stormi had moved because
a) it helps the reader understand how important her parents jobs are.
b) her constant moving is what makes the story entertaining.
c) her past experiences of having to leave friends made her decide not to make new friends.
d) it explains why she feels the way she does about her parents.

When does the story most likely take place?
a) in the future.
b) in the past.
c) in the distant past.
d) in the present.

What is a theme of the story?
a) Good things come to patient people.
b) Everyone needs time alone.
c) Friends make hard times easier.
d) Families need to stay together.

Why did Stormi tell her old friends about her new friends?
a) She wanted to make them jealous.
b) She needed to tell them that they have been replaced.
c) She hoped it would make them come visit her.
d) She wanted to let them know that she was ok.

Which happened first?
a) Stormi was invited to join some kids at lunch.
b) Stormi went to her new school.
c) Stormi talked to some kids about the school play.
d) Stormi made covers for her school books.

How are David and Joseph alike?
a) They are funny.
b) They collect pens.
c) They move a lot.
d) They are smart.

The most likely reason the author wrote this story was to
a) teach readers how difficult it can be for children to move.
b) entertain readers with a story about a girl going to a new school.
c) make readers feel sorry for the main character.
d) convince readers of the value of acting in school plays.

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