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Provides payments when an injured person is unable to work.
a) Disability Income
b) Fee-for-service
c) Coverage
d) HMO

Obamacare will force everyone to get health insurance or they will have to pay a penalty (tax).
a) True
b) False
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

Health insurance required by the state government for employees who suffer injuries or illness as a result of their working conditions
a) Workers Compenstation
b) HMO
c) PPO
d) Term Life Insurance

A type of life insurance that you gain no savings from
a) Term
b) Cash Value
c) Whole Life
d) All of the choices

A beneficiary is...
a) your children
b) a person named on your policy who get your cash if you expire (die)
c) Your doggie
d) Your pet goldfish

One disadvantage of cash value life insurance is...
a) Face amount of policy can't be increased
b) Offers protection only; no savings
c) More affordable than term life insurance
d) Must be renewed

You can get unemployment benefits if you are fired from your job.
a) True
b) False
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

The earliest you can withdraw from your IRA is 59.5 without paying a penalty.
a) True
b) False
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

Any medical conditions that are treated or diagnosed before you buy a policy
a) Concealment
b) Pre-existing condition
c) Claim
d) PPO

The person who sells you insurance is called...
a) a policyholder
b) a broker
c) a provider
d) None of these choices

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