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Who is demure in our story?
a) Melinda
b) Heather
c) Andy Evans
d) Mr. Freeman

What does detonate mean?
a) explode with a loud report; set off an explosive
b) most powerful, controlling
c) reserved, quiet
d) breathing out; dying away; coming to an end

A ___________________ gene is the most powerful, and takes over the other.
a) dominate
b) recessive
c) dormant
d) dynamic

No acting, in a state of suspension; or asleep, is the definition of what word?
a) Dormant
b) Drones
c) Demure
d) Floundering

When a person talks in an unvarying or unchanging tone, also known as monotone it is known as...
a) drones
b) demure
c) harried
d) dormant

Dynamics are what?
a) physical or moral forces; branch of physics dealing with force or producing a motion
b) part of the brain controlling temperature, hunger, thirst, and the pituitary gland
c) bringing an accusation against; to make appear guilty of a crime or fault,
d) not easily seen; subtle; not noticeable

Coming to an end, or dying away means what?
a) Expiration
b) Floundering
c) Harried
d) Demure

The _____________________ sign nearly blinded him.
a) fluorescent
b) dynamic
c) dormant
d) imperial

Synonyms of funk are...
a) gloom and depression
b) weird and unusual
c) nice and proper
d) dark and dreary

A person like Melinda, who is subtle and not noticeable to others is known as?
a) Inconspicuous
b) Harried
c) Floundering
d) Demure

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