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What disease has trouble digesting carbohydrates?
a) Diabetes
b) Heart Disease
c) Anemia
d) Asthma

What do carbs provide?
a) sleepiness
b) flatulence
c) energy
d) minerals

Which one is a category of Carbohydrate?
a) Fatty
b) Simple
c) Saturated
d) Unsaturated

Which one has simple carbs?
a) water
b) vegetable oil
c) steak
d) fruits

What is a type of complex carb?
a) added sugar
b) starch
c) vitamin A
d) amino acid

Where are carbohydrates broken down?
a) gallbladder
b) lymphatic system
c) immune system
d) digestive system

Which one has added sugar?
a) cookies
b) turkey
c) carrots
d) whole wheat bagel

Which one is best for you?
a) orange juice
b) orange flavored pop
c) an orange
d) orange popsicle

What are sugars added during processing?
a) added sugars
b) proteins
c) complex carbs
d) amino acids

How often do you eat carbohydrates?
c) everyday

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